Ondine's Curse

by Gunsling Birds



Ondine's Curse was not written by a sentient being. Would you like to hear music actually and unintentionally created by a machine?

While recording late at night for "Abode of Kings in a Derelict Kingdom," there was a short break between getting takes. Inexplicably, an Alesis NanoPiano synth module began loudly self-oscillating. It was a terrifying sound, as if a dark portal had opened up in the Philadelphia apartment we were recording in. Naturally, we armed stereo tracks and recorded its output.

What you hear here is what actually was coming out of the module, without any processing besides some limiting to protect your speakers. We neither added nor subtracted anything to what we eventually concluded was the NanoPiano's spontaneous improvisation. It seemed to abruptly cut off completely out of nowhere, but later we examined the waveform and learned that it was still going, albeit very quietly. Maybe its song would have continued indefinitely.


released July 1, 2009

Performance: Alesis NanoPiano
Recording: Frank Wartinger and Scott Hallam
Mastering: Frank Wartinger


all rights reserved



Gunsling Birds New York

Studio project of Brooklyn songwriter Scott Hallam and Philadelphia musician Frank Wartinger.

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